Retreats Canada West Retreat and Conference

Traditionally our retreats are held in a different centre every year.

Here a few questions asked:

  • What is the purpose of Retreats Canada West
  • Is there value in this organization
  • How is belonging to RCW helpful and beneficial

Answers from the Members:

  • Being supportive to other members
  • Helpful to know what is happening at other Retreat Centres
  • Discuss issues, that other members may have experienced
  • Learn from each other
  • Rejuvenate ourselves
  • Informal information sharing

If you have any questions or are interested in joining our association please contact Deb at Mount St Francis Retreat Centre 403-932-2012 or

We do have a yearly membership fee of $50.00 which covers the costs of our website, and conference expenses for the hosting retreat centre.

Our next meeting will be in the spring of 2018, dates to be announced at King’s Fold Retreat and Renewal Centre west of Cochrane, Alberta.

Please consider joining!